Alex Vaught

I paint from the landscape of the memories. From those that we create as we close our eyes and we recall to re invent new sceneries.

I play with the palette of colours and love to create textures with the materials, work and extend their values, I draw scenes from the fantastic, representations of the ambiguous and the surprising.  Memories from old mythologies and re invented symbology.

Alex Vaught

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1962 from Mexican parents. He has lived most of his life in Mexico City. Where he attended the National School of Plastic Arts and the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Etching as an uninscribed student, 1978.

Later in 1981 he worked and lived at Marysole Wörner’s workshop, helping to create the sculptures from the 1981 exhibition of Sculpture Metamorphosis at the Carrillo Hill Art Museum.

In 1982, he attended the Nora Beteta’s workshop and in the same year arrived in Vancouver, BC, where he studied at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) Computer Engineering.

At 1992, he returned to Mexico and in 1995 he founded Incognitaterra a graphic design company specialized in electronic media as multimedia and web.

Since 2005 he’s been working in a series of oil paintings theme: Seas, Landscapes, Coast and Clouds. This series are partial abstract suggested paintings that evoke landscapes. Also he’s been working figurative inks.